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Shah Nematolah Vali

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Shah Nematolah Vali

The tomb of Shah-Nematolah-Vali, 14th-century Sufi master and poet, head of the Shah-Nematolahi lineage, buried in Mahan, is a perfect example of Sufi mausoleums revered by the local population.
The main courtyard suggests 19th-century Qajar architecture. The plants and the flowers are in coherence with the architecture to evoke the spirituality of the place.
The tomb rests under the dome, the interior part of which retains its decor from the Safavid period (17th century).
A small cell in the corner of the main building is called Chele-Khane and was used during the spiritual seclusion of the Sufis. A courtyard located at the back also presents the beautiful architecture, seeming to welcome the pilgrims coming from far away.
Sufism is the esoteric and mystical view of Islam. The conquest of the Mongols in the 13th century favored the expansion of this religious movement that remained isolated from political life. This movement is currently socially marginal in Iran.
Their virtues as poets, their rhetoric, and even sometimes the superhuman qualities attributed to them make them the object of veneration and sympathy on the part of their supporters.

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