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Kharanaq, an ancient citadel, was a caravan relay on the road to Tabass, 80 km northeast of yazd. The visit could be part of a yazd – meybod -chakchak – Kharanaq excursion. A newly restored caravanserai is located right next door (For safety reasons and also to respect the privacy of residents)
Landscape differs from the desert because it is located high up and enjoys a moderate temperature.
Qanats which feed the surrounding fields are still in use.
The houses fit together and all reveal a similar architectural plan. The stables downstairs, a staircase gives access to the houses, the kitchen upstairs and windows overlook the winding streets. We see plenty of wood on the adobe roofs.
The mosque in the center of the village has a trembling minaret dating back to the 19th century.

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