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Meybod was a prosperous city during the Mozafarid era. In the 14th century, this family seized the power over a vast territory, stretching from Isfahan to Kerman, and founded its dynasty.
Meybod is renowned for its pottery workshops and currently constitutes an industrial center for the production of tiles for the whole country. It is 40 km from Yazd on the road to Isfahan.
A visit worth the detour to discover the remains of a complex dating from the 17th century. There is a caravanserai preceded by a small bazaar, a cistern, a post house and a ice dump.
Zilou is the special hand-woven floor-covering of Meybod. It is a kind of carpet rather woven than knotted, whose designs are made by entangling warp threads passed through the weft. Being less laborious work, the Zilous were intended to cover prayer’s rooms in mosques all over the country.
The ruins of an ancient Naring-Qaleh citadel and a pigeon tower are among other wonders to visit if time allows.

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