The Iranian House aging more than 250 years, is located in the Kooshk-e-Safi quarter, one of the oldest quarters of Kashan. The 1000m² house, which is constructed on the “flower bed ditch” model, is in fact the exterior part of an immense house which lost its interior part and other annexes over time. After seven successive years of strengthening, restoring and remodeling, this house has emerged as one of the rare traditional residences which have been restored according to scientific and technical principles.
The 4-star Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel with 13000 sq-m area is the first Iranian garden hotel with completely traditional architecture equipped with all welfare facilities is located in the old place of Moshir Garden remained from the Qajar Era. The hotel is located in one of entering streets of the city and has a good access to all parts of the city. The eye-catching area of Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel has made the Iranian original architecture of this garden hotel one of the tourist attractions of Yazd City. The hotel has been registered in the List of Heritage Sites of Iran with the number of 7778.
Experience tranquility and memorable stay in luxury rooms and suites with a very elegant and different space, modern furniture, and unique decoration make Zandiyeh Hotel, unique for long term stay. The Hotel’s Coffee Shop meets the different tastes of the guests from different countries with its different menu.
The traditional hotel of Isfahan is one of old residences of the city. The 400 years building is remained from Safavid period and of course we can put it in the list of the best 3 stars hotels in Isfahan. The experience of residence in such a museum in the historic heart of city gives you a double pleasure of travelling. Here has all the options from past we imagine them. A tiny pool in the middle of yard which is decorated with flowerpots around it.
You will experience a nice travel in theKarimkhan hotel with a traditional and simultaneously very luxury and modern stays.
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