Hirondelle Donation

Hirondelle is the French word for “swallow.” And swallows, in French culture, are more than just a species of birds chirping and flying around us: they are messengers of hope and protectors of seafarers, guaranteeing them a safe voyage. Thus, they have inspired us to start a charity project, as one of the services of our travel organization, where the benevolent swallows bring with themselves the stuff they don’t need any more at home to be given, as altruistic gifts, to those in need.

What Can You Bring as Your Charitable Donation?

Books, medicine and whatever you do not need but feel may be of use to other people (to find out more click here).

How Should You Bring Your Generous Gifts?

We suggest you to make small packs of your gifts, so that they would easily fit into your hand luggage. Then, to free you of the burden of carrying around your package, our agents will meet you at the airport to collect it. After that, there would be no ground for unnecessary worries, since your benevolent gift would be in trusted hands.

Who Can Bring Donations?

Well, anyone with a kind heart can join our cause. Even if you are traveling solo or with another agency but want to participate in our project, just contact us and we will arrange everything.

The Story of the Swallow and Our Charity Project

The idea of our charity project, what I now call  Hirondelle Project, came to my mind when I was working as a tour guide, showing Iran to people of different nationalities. During those days, many of my tourists suggested to bring things, stuff like books and medicine, which were, and still are, hard to acquire in Iran, mainly due to sanctions and their dire economic consequences.

At the same, I had a friend who was in charge of a rehabilitation center here in Iran, working with addicts who wanted to get rid of drugs and begin a new life. However, this dear friend of mine was always complaining about the shortage and high price of the basic medicine they needed, such as painkillers and antibiotics. It was a stumbling block which denied the addicts their hope for a new future. So, to make the long story short, I told my tourists to bring me the medicine they had piled up in their cabinets with no use to give them to my friend. Obviously, my tourists and I felt extremely elevated to do something useful in this world, helping some people out of their misery. And since then, I have been thinking about the swallows, helping the fallen to stand on their again.