Kerman city of pistachio

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Kerman, located on the central plateau, relays the caravan route going to the Indian subcontinent.
The county seat of a province rich in many key archaeological sites.

The incredible discovery of chlorite objects in Jiroft testifies to trade with regions as far away as the southern Persian Gulf from the 3rd millennium B.C.

The city receives significantly fewer visitors than Shiraz and Isfahan, due to its location, The city is a little off from north-south axis toward east, but it offers just as many attractions and beauty; a local bazaar, traditional baths, and the mosques.
Although the city is surrounded by desert, it enjoys a fresh temperature thanks to its altitude of nearly 1800 m.
It offers the possibility of making many excursions ;
The ruins of the citadel of Bam, recently rebuilt, counts many curious daily visitors. The desert of Shahdad 100 km from Kerman offers a lunar landscape of massifs of eroded mount called Kalout, it is the hottest point on earth in summer, with no need for fire to cook eggs.

The city of Mahan 40 km embrace the tomb of a great Dervish whose descendants continue to this day, and the Shazdeh Garden on the outskirts is one of the most beautiful persin gardens.
Don’t forget to taste its pistachios and buy cumin and ghovatou, a magic powder to make you feel younger, reserved for men …

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