Sheikh Lotfolah Mosque



Sheikh Lotfolah Mosque

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Sheikh Lotfolah Mosque

There are two mosques in Naghshe -Jahan square. The one with no minaret is sheikh lotfolah. It was built in 17th century and the differences of its plan to the classic ones has raised some legends and rumors ,such as it was reserved to women of the king who came in through an underground path .

The entrance seems like a transition from world of materials to heavens.
When one reaches that single prayer hall, he/she finds out that there is nothing more beutiful to see .
One should spend hours to observe and meditate on tiles and mosaics to be able to appreciate the splendeur of decoration and the straits of calligraphy.
Light plays a special role on the patterns and does not let the eyes to match with habituel colors they perceive normally .
It really deserve to be named as one of the most beautiful mosques in the Islamic world.

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