Tabriz way to the exterior world

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Tabriz is the former capital and the main city of the Azerbaijan region of Iran and its inhabitants are speakers of the Turkish dialect. It is the 2nd city after Tehran where the decisive battles took place during the major socio-political events of the country during the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century. Like the drafting and establishment of the constitution and other liberating events during the Qajar monarchy.

Throughout its history, Tabriz has suffered so much damage from natural disasters as it has from invading enemies.
For centuries the city was the only access to the Western world. it was the great gate through which overland trade took place.

Tabriz played this role until the Suez Canal came into effect and the sea lanes were used. Thanks to its geographical location and the kinship ties with the people of neighboring countries, especially Azerbaijan and Turkey, the inhabitants have been able to develop smooth and solid trade relations. A lot of goods pass through Tabriz, but also, new ideologies and currents of intellectual thought, such as communism and democratic socialism have been able to penetrate the country.
The customs benefit exclusively granted to the Russians was a matter of greed for the British. The state to satisfy the English had given them the same advantage on the southern border.
The famous Blue Mosque collapsed in an earthquake, brought back to life thanks to a well-carried out restoration, opens the visit of the city. The Azarbaijan Museum is next door, then we set off to visit Iran’s most beautiful bazaar where merchants are grouped into corporations.
There are many possibilities for excursions to nearby sites. As first of all the village of Kandovan, an hour’s drive away, and the visit of its cave houses still inhabited. For those interested in the history of Christianity and the Gregorian faith, several famous Armenian churches are in the area.
A long day of excursion to discover the Church of Saint Stéphanoise and the Church of Saint Tadee (Kara – kelissa), it will be an unforgettable pilgrimage.

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