Dolat Abad Garden

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Dolat abad garden is one of the nine Persian gardens registered as the UNESCO world heritage sites which was constructed in 1750.

Its wind tower which is the tallest of its own kind, 34 m high, was built in Qajar era.

Dolat Abad Garden is one of the nine UNESCO World Heritage-listed Persian gardens, built in 1750 by the Governor of Yazd. It’s 34m high wind tower is the tallest in the country, perhaps in the world, and dates from the 19 century.
The garden has many fruit trees including pomegranate trees and Ivy.
The most remarkable is the construction of a qanat of more than 30 km exclusively to bring water to the garden. There is a large fountained pool outside and there are several inside the pavilion, all connected.

Besides adobe ocher and white plaster, the tinted glass windows on the doors make a wonderful contrast in the bedrooms.
Visiting the garden makes us forget that we are in a city where water means life in the most realistic sense of the word.