Tailor-made Tours

Tailor-made Iran Tours:

In our so-called high-tech world, with the Internet, various social medias and different gadgets at our fingertips, tailor-made tours have become quite fashionable among tourists around the world. As such, Irandelle Travel Agency gladly announces that it has prepared a user-friendly software by means of which tourists would easily be able to design their own tailor-made Iran tours, based on their taste, budget and time schedule.

Irandelle’s tailor-made tour software is available on the first page of the agency’s website, in the form of a map of Iran. But, what kind of information you can expect to gain by using our software?

The Necessary Information to Make Your Tailor-made Iran Tour 

Irandelle’s tailor-made tour software provides you with almost all the information you need to have an exciting, but also satisfying, travel to Iran. This information includes:

  • Introducing different cities and tourist sights and giving you the option to choose among them to have an idea of the number of days you need to stay in Iran,
  • Presenting useful information about the accommodation and hotels in Iran and also giving you the possibility to choose the number and types of rooms you would need during your travel in the country,
  • Giving you the approximate cost of your travel to Iran based on the choices you have made, which can be altered later to suit your travel plan and budget,
  • Constant support to give you more information and organize your tours.

How to Use the Software

You can use Irandelle’s tailor-made tour software in three simple and fast steps:

  1. The first step is to choose the cities you want to visit. By moving your cursor on the map, each city would be highlighted. When you click on your chosen city, a black box appears which includes three further boxes. In the box under the “Days,” you can enter the number of days you want to stay in your chosen destination. By clicking on the next box, Add to List, you would be able to add the city you want to see to your itinerary. If are curious about the top sights in your destination, just click on the box “Top Sights”. As you choose your destination, a box appears under the map, with columns. The first column shows the number of cities of you have chosen. The second column gives the name of cities you have selected. And, the third column gives you the possibility to erase any of destinations you don’t want to travel on second thought. Below this box, there are three other boxes. In the first box on the left, Number of Travellers, you should enter the number of all the people who will be present in your Iran tour. The second box, on the right, shows the number of all the days you will spend in Iran during the tour. This box is entitled: Total Days. In the third box, Name, please enter your full name. Now, you are ready to take the next step, so click on the button: Next.
  1. Taking the second step to make your tailor-made tour involves choosing the type of accommodation you prefer to have during your travel in Iran. The hotels you can choose are divided into three parts based on their price: budget, mid-range and high-range. Please note that by clicking on the question mark “?” to the left of each box showing the type of hotels, you will be directed to our Hotel page, where you will be offered detailed information about the available hotels in your price range in Iran. After choosing your hotel, now it is time to select the type of room you need. The rooms are categorized as: Single, Double, Triple and Family. Please note that by choosing each room type, a small box opens in front it in which you have to enter the number of this type of room you need. After selecting the type of hotel and rooms, click on Next to begin the third step.
  1. In the third part of making your tailor-made tour, you can choose your desired type of car, meals and other services such as tour guides or Entrance Fees. At the bottom of this part, there are two boxes. The first box shows the cost of the tour for each person and the second box gives you the total cost of your tour. Then, please enter your email in the box below these two and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange your tour.

In the end, if you need further help, be sure to email us or chat with Irandelle’s support team on Whatsapp.

written by Nasir Asadi