Tehran capital of Iran

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Tehran, the capital of Iran since the 19th century, is now a megapolis of more than 14 million inhabitants. This is the scene where the politic events and social tumultes of the country have happened and made our contemporary history.
Rey, the ancient city which is mentioned in the historical texts is now one of its southern quarters, absorbed by the frenetic development of Tehran.
Its airports, universities and hospitals and commercial centers are the biggest and most modern in the country.

Otherwise, for the lovers of traditional shopping, a promenade in the bazaar and its galleries would be nice which is the longest of the country.
Tehran also offers its mountains, its ideal surrounding for walkers and ski lovers in winter.
Since the rural life is touched by the dryness and the lack of facilities for the necessary development in the small urban centers, exodus to the megapolis has been intensified specially after the Islamic revolution, without any appropriate urban development plan has been anticipated.
Tehran is the point of departure for the most tourists trips because the museums and palaces, allowing cultural and historical discussion topics to be explored for the rest of the journey.
Recently, the elegant architecture of modern bridge (Tabiat) became an attraction and the place for meetings of the youngs, and a scene of interactions between the travelers and the inhabitants.
Although, its inhabitants always complain of the pollution and its traffic but they like their city because it is dynamic and release a sense of energy.
For most Iranians, the ambiguous thought of the past politics, and the destiny in the front, The name if Tehran still bears a great deal of secrecy.

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