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Can you leave IRAN without taking a Kashan City Tour?

Located north of Isfahan, on the road to Qom and Tehran, Kashan is an essential stopover in the discovery of Iran. It is a small, peaceful oasis that sprang up at the gateway to the Kavir Desert, with a thousand-year-old history.

It all began around 6,000 years ago, as evidenced by the hills of Tepe Sialk, an archaeological site unearthed less than a century ago. Kashan is home to the remains of one of the oldest civilizations on the Iranian plateau, dating back to late prehistoric times.

This long history gave birth to many legends and ancient myths that are still told today. It is said that the illustrious Three Kings would have left Kashan to greet Jesus son of Mary at his birth in Bethlehem …

Or, during the Arab conquest of the 7th century, the Muslim troops of Abu Musa al-Ash’ari were stopped at the city gates by impassable fortifications. It was decided to throw scorpions beyond the ramparts to make its inhabitants capitulate: this is how the city was conquered.

Thus Kashan was attached to the governorate of Isfahan and its fortifications were further strengthened at the request of Zobeida, the favorite wife of the illustrious Caliph Haroun Al-Rashid. But the ramparts could not withstand the successive earthquakes that took place in the 9th century.

Over time the city was destroyed and rebuilt. It went from a military gateway under the Seljoukids to a city of light under the Safavids following the coronation of the first king of this dynasty, Shah Ismail I, which took place in the gardens of Fin. Shah Abbas, the greatest Safavid king is buried there.

In this new era, Kashan’s craftsmanship reached its peak and achieved unrivaled fame across the country. There are the best carpets, velvet, glazed pottery and tiles. Besides, the word tile in Farsi is said to be kashi, and would have given its name to Kashan.

During the Qajar period, the city again experienced dark episodes, it was shaken by political unrest and an earthquake which partially destroyed it. It lost its splendor, but it quickly regained its prosperity and much more: its fame was exported throughout the world thanks to its famous carpets. Sumptuous residences belonging to rich merchants can be seen flourishing there, a living testimony to this prosperous period. We can cite the Tabatabaei House, the Abbasi House or the Boroujerdi House.

During the Pahlavi era, Kashan was forgotten and the city was marked by a massive exodus of its population to Tehran. But since the rise of Iran’s tourism industry it has again seen renewed interest.

Ideal to visit in spring, it is adorned with a thousand and one scents of roses and welcomes you to its famous Golab Giri festival, the annual picking of this delicate flower.

Thus Kashan is experiencing yet another rebirth. Today we can walk through its alleys, its bazaar, its rich mansions and imagine what this city was like at its peak …

Kashan Visit Itinerary

Day 1

Your tour guide will pick you up at 9:00 a.m. We go to visit the most beautiful traditional residences of the city: the Tabatabaei house and the Borujerdi house which belonged to rich families of Kashan. Then discover the great Agha Bozorg Mosque, built on a unique two-levels structure that offers superb perspectives.

We will have lunch in one of the city’s traditional restaurants to discover the local cuisine.

We will take the road to the famous Fin Garden. Before that, a stop at Imam Zadeh Ibrahim, a unique mausoleum, famous for its turquoise dome. Head to Fin’s Paradise Garden, which is meant to be a copy of the Garden of Eden.

Back in the city center, the Kashan bazaar offers itself to us with its sublime seraglios, architectural masterpieces.

At the end of this day, we will take you back to your place of residence.

Day 2

Your guide will pick you up at 8:30 am to visit, if you wish, the surroundings of Kashan.

Let’s start with the archaeological site of Tepe Sialk located on the city’s main road. We will explore the two hills dating from prehistoric times, and collecting many remains from the Neolithic period until the arrival of the Arian people on the central Iranian plateau.

Then heading to the village of Nooshabad, about fifteen kilometers. It is home to an underground city believed to date back 1,500 years, built around water sources, to protect its inhabitants from successive invasions.

We will have a picnic for lunch, at the Maranjab Caravanserai. This monument dating from the beginning of the 17th century is one of the landmarks of the Silk Road.

We will continue our way to the Namak salt lake, then we will end this beautiful day with a beautiful sunset in the dunes of the Maranjab desert.

Return to your hotel for a well deserved rest.

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