Water pipe



Water pipe, the pleasure of inhaling

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Water pipe, the pleasure of inhaling

Qelyan, Chicha, Hookah, Narguilé, Water pipe, this is what is called this traditional tobacco smoking apparatus found in West Asia and North Africa. It comes in various shapes and materials, but it works almost everywhere the same: tobacco is placed on hot charcoal, either directly or through aluminum foil, and the smoke is drawn in through a removable pipe connected to the device.
This smoke produced during aspiration passes through the bottle containing water which acts as a cooler and filter. The peculiar and funny noise of Qelyan is due to the boiling of the liquid, caused when the smoker is smokes.
There are two types of tobacco: one is traditional with natural dried leaves from plantations, the other is more popular among young people who consume it flavored with various flavors such as apple, mint, peach, lemon and still full. other tastes.
You can have fun smoking a hookah by mixing different tastes in tea houses on a much needed break.

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