Zoroastrianism Iranians ancient religion



Zoroastrianism, Iranians ancient religion

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Zoroastrianism, Iranians ancient religion

Zoroastrianism is Iranians ancient religion, Zoroaster is the name generally known in the West for the prophet of ancient Iran, whose transformation of his inherited religion inaugurated a movement that eventually became the dominant religion in Iran up until the triumph of Islam. Controversy over Zaraθuštra’s date has been an embarrassment of long-standing to Zoroastrian studies. If anything approaching a consensus exists, it is that he lived ca. 1000 BC.
There is really nothing in the Gathas (oldest part of Avesta , zoroastriens holy book) which might give a clue where Zoroaster lived or the areas in which he was active.
Even though there are later traditions which place him in Azerbaijan and Media, it is more reasonable to locate Zoroaster somewhere in eastern Iran along with the rest of the Avesta. The Gathas offer scant information about the life of the prophet. Apparently, Zaraθuštra’s position within his own society became so precarious that he was forced to flee. Ethics plays a predominant role in Zaraθuštra’s thought. Part and parcel of Zaraθuštra’s ethical vision was the belief in rewards and punishments in the afterlife. Although it is impossible to know whether or not it was his innovation, Zaraθuštra was the first in recorded human history to articulate a clear theology of heaven for the righteous and a hell for the wicked.

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