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Here stands the oldest hotel on Chaharbagh Abbasi Avenue, Isfahan, Iran, Asia, an unrepeatable heritage in Isfahan architectural style, from the glorious Safavid era. Abbasi Hotel, now a 300-year-old building in the heart of the city Isfahan, a museum referred to as “Nesf-e-Jahan” (meaning half of the world), a monument which as local and international tourists, historians, leading architects and professional tourists claim, carries the nickname “The world’s most beautiful hotel”.
Here, the spirit living in the patterns and paintings, the interplay of colors and light and the fluidity of beauty have submitted to the capital for the genuine art and drawn on the body of the building, as though being around between the doors and walls is sauntering along a walkway to the past and present, where the patterns come to life drawing the fervor of the beauty of the predecessors’ art in the eyes of the beholder.

Hotel Overview


Standard room has the scenery of beautiful Isfahan city and in spite of simplicity enjoys a variety of facilities including shower and dressing room, high-speed WiFi, LCD Television, hair dryer, safety box, coffee and tea maker, minibar, fire detector system and so on.


Cheshm Andaz room has the scenery of pleasant hotel garden and enjoys a comforting atmosphere and a full-range of convenient facilities. This room does not have the possibility to add extra bed.


 Paradise room is a luxury room with modern design, marvelous view to the hotel garden and a full-range of accommodating facilities. This room has the capacity to add extra bed.


Paradise suite is a luxury suite with modern design, fantastic view to the hotel garden and a full-range of accommodating facilities.


Quajar suites are double suites with Quajar architectural design, an imaginary atmosphere, colorful painted walls and incomparable scenery of the hotel garden.


Garden-side suites with two bedrooms; the main structure of these suites belong to the Safavid era and its architecture is inspired by that era too. The mixture of plaster work, illumination and vautted walls and ceilings create a unique atmosphere for these suites which is hard to find elsewhere.

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