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Shahrzad & Omid



Een uitstekende ervaring van Nain, Yazd en Shiraz private tour met een ervaren en zeer goedaardige gids (Masoud) bleef voor altijd in onze gedachten.
De reis en tijdplanning was uitstekend en de gidsinformatie was zeer uitgebreid. Hartelijk bedankt.

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Marie B.



We went through Irandelle in August 2019 for a 3-week on-demand stay with a guide/driver. Everything was very well organized: The itinerary, accommodations, visits. Mehdi is available to help you find the formula that will enchant you.


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Bam The city of Bam is located 190 km east of Kerman province. It claims the largest mud-brick citadel in the world that is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site. It was located along the trade route from the Iranian central plateau to the Indian subcontinent and was an important military and trade center. […]
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Shah Nematolah Vali
Shah Nematolah Vali The tomb of Shah-Nematolah-Vali, 14th-century Sufi master and poet, head of the Shah-Nematolahi lineage, buried in Mahan, is a perfect example of Sufi mausoleums revered by the local population. The main courtyard suggests 19th-century Qajar architecture. The plants and the flowers are in coherence with the architecture to evoke the spirituality of […]
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