About Us

Irandelle comes from the French word “Hirondelle” which is equivalent to the Persian name of our agency “Parastoo”.
With 15 years of experience, our agency is active in the field of planning and execution tours to Iran.
Our office is in Isfahan, one of the most important touristic cities in Iran. Mehdi, the director of this agency, is one of the most experienced guides in the field who founded this agency with the help of his wife, also a tour guide. He enjoys the cooperation of a group of young guides and activists who are now a reputable and independent travel agency highly experienced in planning and Performing tours to Iran.
Our concept is to avoid every complexity in the organization of a tour. We put a map on the first page of our site as the most important guide for every voyageur, then you click on the cities to chose them and you tell us what you need, and after a few second you have the price approximately,
You can click one more time to let us know what you want and it is the beginning of our interactions to find an optimal itinerary according to your budget and time and duration of your stay.

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Tailor-made Tours

Create your own tour according to your desires.

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Have an idea about your trip's costs and choose your preference.

Local Guide

By hiring locals, get a better and more convenient service.

New Routs

Experience less known routs and make your adventure.

Local Food

Taste the local foods in traditional restaurants which have homemade recipes.

Boutique Hotel

Experience staying in Iran at traditional houses.
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