Iranian House

Iranian House

The Iranian House aging more than 250 years, is located in the Kooshk-e-Safi quarter, one of the oldest quarters of Kashan. The 1000m² house, which is constructed on the “flower bed ditch” model, is in fact the exterior part of an immense house which lost its interior part and other annexes over time. After seven successive years of strengthening, restoring and remodeling, this house has emerged as one of the rare traditional residences which have been restored according to scientific and technical principles.

In order to preserve the original architecture and flow of life in this edifice, it has been repurposed as a residence complex for tourists in the form of five different residential spaces including the “Upper House”, the “Veiled House”, the “Hidden Chamber”, the “Resting House” and the “Private Chamber” along with other facilities provided in the “Mirror Hall”, the splendid “Parlor”, the “Banquet Hall”, the “Beverage Room” and the “Cistern Cellar” to serve those who have chosen Kashan as a travel destination.

The Iranian House is a remarkable living example of the forgotten Iranian culture and art for the young generation.

The edifice embraces an extensive collection of delicate artistic detail which, together with the cellars, the three door chambers, the five door mirror hall, stained-glass windows, and its magnificent stuccos, mirror works, and paintings have turned the building into a museum of the works of Kashan’s great masters of art.

Such a building could serve as a pattern and sample for younger architects as well as students of this field.

No need to say that one should not be looking for a modern hotel facility in the Iranian House. All effort has been made in order for the passion of life to flow in the veins of this House. The main goal of the host is to turn your stay into a memorable experience; that of a banquet at your own home, the “Iranian House”.