Accommodation in Iran: where to sleep?



Accommodation in Iran: where to sleep?

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Accommodation in Iran: where to sleep?

Hotels and other types of accommodation are not linked to traditional booking sites, such as or others. It is therefore more difficult to book and almost impossible to pay for your hotels in advance. You can only contact them by e-mail and make a pre-reservation that you will pay on site, unless you go through a travel agency.

Be aware that the prices charged for payments made from abroad are much higher than if you pay locally, unless you go through a travel agency whose prices are guaranteed and adjusted according to the fluctuation of the exchange rate.

The hotel offer is varied and in full development following the tourism boom that the country experienced in 2016, although it was slowed down in 2018.

You will find the most basic accommodation, such as hostel dorms, single rooms in guesthouses, western style hotels, but also charming traditional mansions transformed into luxury hotels.

Most have opened up to international tourism, so you can contact them on social networks, or on their websites.

Warning ! Couchsurfing is banned in Iran! You and your hosts risk serious problems if you are confronted with the authorities. There is a good chance that you will be invited to sleep with people you have met during your trip. Think carefully before you agree!