The budget for a trip to Iran



The budget for a trip to Iran

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The budget for a trip to Iran

The budget for a trip to Iran is very affordable and make Iran a cheap destination.

For accommodation in a guest house, count between € 10 and € 30 / night for a single room. The prices offered for a place in dormitories are even cheaper.

For hotel accommodation: between € 15 and € 70 / night for a room for 2 people. The price varies depending on the prestige of the establishment.

For lovers of street food or small popular restaurants: around 3 € / person.

If you go to a classic restaurant: around € 7 / person for a full meal served in a pleasant setting.

Taxi: less than € 2 per trip in town, on average. In Tehran the prices of taxis are higher.

In any case, when you take a taxi, be sure to ask for the fare before departure to avoid any misunderstanding or bad surprises.

Bus transport between cities: the price varies depending on the distance, for a Tehran Isfahan for example, less than 3 €

Domestic flight: count between 30 and 50 €

Shopping budget: to be adjusted according to your purchasing plans (rugs, miniatures, various crafts, etc.). Good to know, most traders in bazaars offer an international credit card payment solution.

The prices given above are for the year 2020, based on the current exchange rate.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information, we will be happy to update this information.