Internet access in Iran



Internet access in Iran

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Internet access in Iran

Internet access in country has fairly optimal 4.5G coverage. The network works very well in all major cities. Obviously, when you move away from built-up areas, the signal becomes weaker.

You will have the choice between several operators. And a special offer is dedicated to travelers upon arrival if you land at Tehran airport. Otherwise, you will find mobile shops all over the city centers.

The price of sim cards and packages is very cheap, you just need to give your passport to be registered on the network. It’s quick and easy.

Warning ! If you plan to stay in Iran for more than 3 weeks, you must register your mobile on the HAMTA network and pay a tax which varies according to the model of your phone. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use your device with an Iranian sim after this time.

To connect to certain social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and YouTube) you need to download a VPN. It is a mobile application that allows you to use the internet by locating yourself from a country other than Iran. You can find plenty of them in the Play Store or Apple Store on your smartphone.