Transport solutions in Iran



Transport solutions in Iran

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Transport solutions in Iran

By bus

Transport solutions in Iran is the easiest, cheapest and most popular way to get from city to city during your trip to Iran.

There are the classic buses, called Maamouli, cheap, basic comfort, 4 seats per row, non-reclining chairs. Perfect for distances of less than 3h, for example, Kashan Isfahan.

And there are the VIP buses, higher category, which are very comfortable: 3 seats per row, very wide and reclining armchairs with footrests.

The cost of a trip from one city to another is around € 3, on average, and it is possible to travel at night.


For “popular” destinations it is not necessary to make a reservation in advance, you can show up in advance at the bus station and leave for the desired city in the process.

For specific destinations, it is best to find out in advance the days and times of departure.

You can ask your host to do this for you.

When booking in advance, it is good to go to the company counter thirty minutes maximum before departure in order to pay and print the ticket.

If you have paid for your ticket in advance, there is no time constraint, just go to the counter to confirm your presence and print your ticket.

Bus stations are located at the entrance to towns most of the time. You will need to take a taxi or the metro (Tehran, Isfahan) to reach the city center.


By train

For some routes you need to book more than 2 weeks in advance. But the experience is well worth it.

For longer distances, berths are available, as well as on-board catering and showers.

You will be greeted in your compartment with a welcome cup of tea and cookies.

The prices are less attractive than for the bus, the train is also slower, but the landscapes are breathtaking.

Count on average ten euros per trip.


By plane

If you want to save time you can take internal flights for the long distance journeys of your trip.

You can book your tickets once there at a local travel agency, or on a dedicated website, such as Flightio or Alibaba.

Airports are located outside cities, the price of airport taxis is higher than others.

This is the most expensive solution relative to the price of the bus or train.


You will most likely use a taxi to get from Tehran airport to the city center first.

The price for a yellow taxi ride in Tehran is around € 3

The price for a yellow taxi ride in a big city is 1.5 €

You can also order a taxi from your accommodation, a store or a restaurant.

If you are traveling with several people (3/4 people) find out about taking a private taxi from one city to another, the rates can be interesting.

Snapp, or Tap30 are the equivalent of Uber in Iran. Available in most major cities.

This app is very popular.

– Download Snapp or Tap30 on iOS or Androïd
– Validate the code sent by sms on your local sim card
– Indicate via the map where you are and where you want to go
– You pay for your trip in cash with the driver

Please note: the estimated price is the same as that announced by the driver and the price is always cheaper than that of a yellow taxi