The visa for Iran



The visa for Iran

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The visa for Iran

There are two ways to obtain a visa for Iran: either through the Iranian embassy in Paris or by obtaining a visa on arrival in Iran.


The visa at the Iranian embassy in Paris

This is the cheapest solution, 50 € during the last update, but the visa has a limited validity, however with the possibility of extending the duration up to 90 days once there, by paying a extra charge. Before going to the embassy, ​​you must pre-apply for a visa online at

Disadvantages: you have to do it a long time in advance, the time to obtain the visa, go there after having obtained an appointment, and you must also provide all the accommodation reservations during the length of stay with detailed planned itinerary


Visa on arrival in Iran

This is clearly the easiest solution and the one I recommend the most.

Visa price: 75 € to be paid on site in Euros

The visa is valid for 30 days, sometimes 90 days of validity can be obtained by making a request to the employee.

For the On Arrival visa:

– Make your pre-application for a visa for Iran at least 15 days before arrival in Iran on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

– Fill in all the requested elements and respect the sizes and weight of the files to be transmitted (identity photo – for women the veil is not compulsory – passport photo), Also indicate the place of issue of the visa, namely arrival airport.

– After entering the information, you will receive by e-mail a visa application notice (Visa Application Submission Notice) that you will have to print and present at the airport if you have not received your final visa before your departure (it sometimes the processing is out of time)

You will need this document to board some airlines such as Qatar Airways or Turkish Airlines.

– You will also need to provide proof of at least one night’s accommodation upon arrival in Iran (1st night). You can make a pre-reservation by contacting a hotel by e-mail, they will give you a certificate.

You may also be asked for the name of a local contact, as well as their address and phone number. It is in fact a “guarantor” who certifies that he knows you.

To simplify matters, you can go through a travel agency that has accreditation and for which access to the registration of visa applications is a priority, therefore faster. This service will cost you between 15 and 25 € depending on the agency.


Passport for a trip to Iran

Your passport must be valid for up to 6 months after the visa end date. Consider making photocopies that you can slip into all your travel bags. Also remember to take ID photos with you, you never know, it can always be useful at the airport or elsewhere.

Compulsory travel insurance for Iran

To travel to Iran it is imperative to justify that you have travel insurance that mentions the dates of stay and the country “Iran”. If this is not the case, you have the option of purchasing local insurance once at the airport (between € 15 and € 40 a year depending on the length of your visa), but this does not include repatriation.

If you are paying for your trip (plane ticket) with your credit card, the best solution is to contact your credit card service and request an insurance certificate in English (free and included in the most basic packages).

The attestation must be in English and presented to the visa issuing office.


Traveling to the United States after a trip to Iran

If you wish to travel to the USA after a trip to Iran, you will no longer be able to do the usual ESTA but a B2 tourist visa by going to the US Embassy in Paris.


How to get a visa for the USA after a trip to Iran?

– Choose the type of visa for the USA

– Make your visa application online with the DS-160 form. entering information takes time and the site may bug at times. So remember to take screenshots, especially one where your Application ID appears.

– After having completed everything, you must sign the form (electronic signature)

– You must then pay the visa on this site

– You will receive an email to validate that refers to the agenda of the US Embassy to schedule an appointment.

Address of the United States Embassy in Paris:

2 avenue Gabriel

75008 Paris

Phone. : 01 43 12 22 22

– Remember to bring all the requested documents.

– More information on the website of the US Embassy in Paris

– On site, you will have to leave your passport, which will be returned to you by registered mail to your home within a week