When to go to Iran?



When to go to Iran?

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When to go to Iran?

To choose the right time for your trip to Iran, it is important to take consider the local holidays and the weather.


Local holidays in Iran: Nowruz

Yes Iranians are big fans of local tourism! And if there is one time when they travel the most around the country, it is the celebration of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, which takes place between March 20 and March 30 each year. Accommodation and transportation are crowded, prices are rising, and tourist sites are crowded. But it’s also an opportunity to get to know the Iranians better! You choose…


The periods and dates when the countries are slowing down a bit:

– The period of Ramadan

– February 11: Islamic Revolution Day 1979.

– March 20: Day of the nationalization of the petroleum industry, in 1951.

– April 1: Islamic Republic Day.

– September 8: Day of the Martyrs of the Revolution.


The weather in Iran:

The weather varies according to the different regions of the country (the northern mountains, coastal areas, desert areas, etc.) but generally winters are cold and summers are very hot. By the way, did you know that the Dasht-e-lut desert is the hottest point in the world with temperatures approaching 78 ° C in summer!


We recommend you to travel to Iran in spring (April and May) and in autumn (September, October, November). During these periods the temperatures are pleasant but there is always the risk of foreign tourists. If you want to be more alone, without tourists, in this case prefer February and early March.