Instructions and list of donation

Instructions and list

How to donate

If you are interested to participate in this philanthropic act, please take into consideration the following instructions:

  • We do not accept cash,
  • We do not accept items prohibited by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs,
  • We will receive your packs after you have formally entered Iran, having passed all the check points in the airport. We do not accept any responsibility for legal problems you may encounter before your formal entrance into Iran,
  • We are not responsible for excess baggage charges,
  • We do not accept books and magazines containing nudity, alcoholic drinks and addictive drugs,
  • Please avoid bringing perishable material,
  • Be kind to pack the material you are bringing and keep them at hand to give it to our agent without wasting time,
  • The items you bring should be in good condition to be presented to those who need them, we do not accept items damaged in any way,
  • If you need further information about the recipients of your donations, feel free to contact us,
  • Please have a look at our list as a guide to choose the items you want to donate.



  • Books and magazines: textbooks of different fields of study, novels, short story collections, children’s books, comic books, encyclopedias and magazines of cultural, scientific and social nature. Also, you can donate audio books.
  • Stationary: pens, pencils, rulers, crayons, watercolor and brushes used with them
  • Medicine: antibiotics, painkillers such as aspirin and also vitamins, mineral and multivitamins
  • Clothes: suits, blouse, shirts, T-shirt, belts, ties, skirts, coats, jackets, overcoats, sweaters, pants,
  • CDs and DVDs: all types of educational CDs and DVDs,
  • Toys: dolls, Lego, toy cars and gaming counsels,
  • Personal Equipment: wrist watch, laptop, mobile phone, hands free, calculator, perfume, cosmetics and accessories for men and women,
  • Food Items: chocolate, nuts, cookies, biscuits, crackers
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