Local Food

Local Food

Gathering around a large table in a cozy atmosphere and chit-chatting with friends and loved ones about your most recent adventures, while experimenting with new dishes and unheard-of drinks, savoring their strangely delicious taste and fragrance, is an indispensable complement to your daily expeditions in a foreign land like Iran.

As such, Irandelle Travel Agency has set itself the goal of providing you with the best local dishes during your travel to Iran, exposing you not only to the culinary delights of the country, but also to the rich culture which shapes Iranian’s cuisine and their eating habits.

What kinds of Foods Should You Expect in Iran?

Spanning over a large geographical area and housing different ethnicities, each with its own culinary traditions, formed and shaped during long long years, it would be no exaggeration to say that Iran is one the most delicious countries in the world. The amazing diversity of traditional dishes, in addition to skillful adaptation of modern ways of cooking, makes Iran a favorite destination for all those with a sharpened interest and taste in food.

Are you interested in sea food? Just go to the Southern or Northern cities of Iran and experience a large variety of different fishes, even the legendary Iranian caviar. You like meat? So, Iranian kebab is for you! You should just have a bite of Kooideh kebab, or Barg or Chenje! Or maybe you have a knack for rice? Oh, you can’t miss Iranian Chelo, topped with delicately fragrant Iranian saffron. You desire a new kind of stew you have never had before? Ghorme-sazi, Fesenjan, and different kinds of Gheyme are impatiently waiting for you. Or, perhaps, you are a veggie who avoids meat, no? Well, go for our Āsh-e Sabzi or, why not Eshkeneh?

Irandelle and Iranian Local Foods   

Aside from the huge variety of local dishes available, you will certainly need a good guide to help you choose the most mouthwatering, toothsome dishes you are looking for in Iran. You have dreamed of paying a visit to the traditional, overcrowded restaurants in Tehran’s bazaar? Or want to taste Beryani in Isfahan? Or Kalam Polo in shiraz? Or Abgoosht Zireh (Cumin Broth) in Kerman? Or Shooli in Yazd? Or Gheymeh Nesa in Kermanshah? Or Sholeh in Mashhad? Or Kebab Torsh (Sour Kebab) in Gilan? Or Gheliye Mahi in Khouzestan?

Well, Irandelle’s expert tour guides are ready to provide you with a fantastic experience of all these amazing local dishes during your journey in Iran. In addition, we are determined to make you familiar not only with Iranian cuisine and dishes, but also with the culture associated with it. To accomplish this goal, you will spend at least one night with an Iranian family to have a close with how Iranian dishes are prepared by highly skilled Iranian women.

So, don’t miss this the opportunity to experience, not just eat, Iranian foods and dishes with Irandelle Travel Agency.


written by Nasir Asadi