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Each land holds many secrets sealed in its heart, hidden from the eyes and ears of its foreign visitors. Well, that couldn’t be truer than in Iran. Being both an under-represented and poorly represented country, travelers arrive in Persia with many ideas and preconceptions about this land of history. Everything that we know about Iran from abroad is largely conveyed by television, radio, newspapers and social networks, with more or less bias and often very far from the reality of the country.

Of course, there are other ways to learn, to know and to get informations. If you are keen on reading, you will find many books written about Iran dealing with various subjects such as history, culture or life in society.

You learn a lot from reading, but nothing like a real experience when possible. Visiting Iran with a certified guide is the best way to fully enjoy your stay. It will be an opportunity for you to travel through all dimensions and through time.

A real discovery of Iran and its history, that is to say an encounter with its people, its culture, its traditions, its modernity, its millennial past, its uncertain present and its hopeful future, this is what we offer you.

Your Irandelle travel agency has launched their own tour guide service to make visiting Iran as complete and enjoyable as possible for all travelers who want to enjoy Persia.

Our highly qualified and expert tour guides are available for:

  • give you detailed information about the history, culture, architecture, art, food and nature of Iran
  • save your time with their expert suggestions
  • provide you with new information about the sites you visit
  • build a bridge between you and the Iranian people

So, for a great adventure in Iran, do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to making your trip as memorable as possible.