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Each land holds numerous sealed secretes in its heart, hidden from the eyes and ears of its foreign visitors. And, well, this couldn’t be truer about any land than Iran. Being both an under-represented and misrepresented country, mainly due to controversial political issues, tourists enter Iran carrying with themselves packs of distorted information about this historical territory. Instead of possessing first-hand knowledge, all they know of Iran is mediated through TV shows, radio programs, newspapers and various types of social media, tinged with all sorts of conflicting ideologies. Therefore, a real experience of the ancient Iran, that is, a true engagement with its people, culture, history and even nature, may make one of the most important concerns each tourist visiting the land of Persians should be prepared to tackle.

Some Murky Ways to Visit Iran

Doubtless, there are myriad ways to deal with this issue. If you take yourself as a book nerd, you can devour all the numerous books written on and about Iran and come to spend time in this country as an expert in Iranian culture, history and geography. However, if that’s your intention, beware that you should begin visiting your local library at least two or three years before landing in Iran. A simpler, less painful solution would be to grab an Iran travel guide book to accompany and inform you during your journey. Yet, no-one but you is responsible for all the static images you would get from the very dynamic, ever-changing cultural, political and geographical landscape of Iran.

Why Not Our Expert Tour Guides?

To overcome above problems, Irandelle Travel Agency has launched its tour guide service to make visiting Iran as informative and enjoyable as possible for all those tourists who are keen on appreciating the dazzling, awe-inspiring beauties of the old house of Persians. Our highly-trained, expert tour guides are available to:

  •  give you detailed information about Iran’s history, culture, architecture, art, cuisine and nature,
  •  save your time with their expert suggestions,
  •  provide you with fresh insights on the sights you visit,
  •  and make a bridge between you and the hospitable, cultured people of Iran.
    So, to have an adventurous travel to Iran, do not hesitate to contact us . We are committed to make your journey as memorable as possible.

written by Nasir Asadi