Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel

Irandelle Travel Agency is committed to providing you with the best, most unique accommodations during your journey in Iran. To realize this goal, we are cooperating with a number of amazing, high quality boutique hotels to ensure a comforting as well as exciting stay for our tourists in Iran.

Why Boutique Hotels in Iran?

In the aftermath of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, tourism industry came to a halt in Iran. In those frantic days, marked with an unprecedented revolutionary ideology, one which was supposed to go against the capitalist tendencies of the day, almost all Western travel agencies and well-known hotel chains were forced to leave the country, maybe to come back later.

However, since the return of Westerns became an impossible myth, Iranians began to develop their own local infrastructure, hoping for a once-again prosperous tourism industry. Not having enough modern-day hotels to put up all the tourists coming to Iran, the authorities came together to think up a handy solution for this marked lack. Shortly after, the idea of constructing boutique hotels became prevalent among Iranians active in tourism industry. But how did this idea come to life?

Boutique Hotels Occupy a Prominent Place Among Tourist Accommodations in Iran 

Determined to solve the problem of tourist lodgings, Iranian citizens were encouraged to turn their old houses, those which represented the true spirit of traditional Iranian houses, into boutique hotels. As a result of such policy, nowadays tourists can enjoy the benefits of lodging in Iranian boutique hotels, an amenity which you can experience nowhere but in Iran.

The Benefits of Accommodating in an Iranian Boutique Hotel    

            So, why all the fuss about the Iranian Boutique Hotels!? Let us tell you some of the advantages of residing in these hotels. If you, as a tourist, stay in a boutique hotel, you will:

  • Experience the hospitable space of traditional Iranian houses, full of love and intimacy,
  • Become familiar with Iranian architecture and different types of used in decorating those structure such as, painting, calligraphy, woodcutting and plater-molding,
  • make long-life friendships with local people and gain first-hand experience of various cultures in Iran,
  • Rent affordable accommodations, tailored to your budget,
  • Help Iranians develop their sustainable tourism industry.

So, to have an adventurous stay in one of our associated boutique hotels, where you wouldn’t miss your home, do not hesitate to contact us at Irandelle Travel Agency. We are here to enrich your trip to Iran with our luxurious boutique hotels.



written by Nasir Asadi