Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotels

The boom in Iran’s tourism industry has seen accommodation flourish.

The hotel sector operates in a traditional way. You will not find large international hotel chains like there are in the majority of touristic countries, but the offer remains however well-rounded.

There are also many classic hotels, such as  buildings without particular appeal but nevertheless well placed and comfortable, guest houses, more or less welcoming and atypical, but also and above all boutique hotels, full of charm, authentic and top-notch comfort and quality of service.

The term “Boutique Hotel” denotes a type of accommodation that differs from mass tourism and the standardization of large hotel chains.

It’s a concept that is found all around the world but has a particular place here in Iran.


The charm of boutique hotels

Here, tourist accommodation is often a family affair. The old family residences have been transformed into charming hotels, café restaurants and sometimes museums.

What could be more exhilarating than staying in a traditional and authentic residence that has seen the passage of time and history?


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