The city of Isfahan, the crossroads of caravan routes, the splendid capital of the Safavids, is an essential stopover on your journey in Persia.
A stop at least three days for an incredible and wonderful discovery of its architectural treasure and monuments.
The Bazaar stretches around the historic center, you need a good sense of direction to find your way around and not get lost in the maze of its passages and seraglios.
The city named three times as the capital of Persia, has preserved much of the vestige of its golden age, the prosperous period of the 17th century, the Safavid era.
From the Jameh Mosque (the benchmark in sacred architecture and ornamentation of Iranian mosques) to Armenian churches (symbols of the history of the Armenian people and the Christian religion), passing by the Synagogue and the Jewish quarter (the oldest inhabitants of the city), its bridges and palaces offer so many choices for entertainments.
You will enjoy it!

naghshe jahan square
Naghshe Jahan Square
Sheikh Lotfollah
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
Pigeon tower, a source of fertilizer
Pigeon Tower
Si-o-se Pol
Si-o-se Pol
jameh abbasi mosque
Jameh Abbasi Mosque
vank church
Vank Church
isfahan bazaar
Khaju Bridge
Khaju Bridge