Essentials of Iran

Departure Date



15 Days



Tehran ( 240km) Kashan ( 430km) Yazd ( 360km) Kerman ( 100km) Shahdad ( 100km) Kerman ( 560km) Shiraz ( 80km) Persepolis ( 80km) Shiraz ( 500km) Isfahan ( 440km) IKA Airport

Tour Overview

Day 1


Arrival at Imam Khomeini International Airport , Transfer to Hotel.
Day 2


On the second day of our tour, we visit the must-see sights in Tehran: the Golestan Palace (a 19th century palace which was the seat of the government and residence of a number Qajarid kings), the National Museum of Iran (we visit the pre-Islamic section of the museum and get to know the history of Iran up to the Sassanian period) and the National Jewelry Museum of Iran (home to some of the most beautiful and precious Jewels in the world, such as the legendary "Sea of Light") . Overnight in Tehran.
Golestan Palace Mirror Hall
گلستان 650x406 1
IMG 20210124 163132 scaled
Day 3

Teharn- Kashan (240km)

Today, we drive to Kashan via Qom. In Qom, we visit the Holy Shrine of Fatima Masuma. Then, we continue to Kashan and visit Fin Garden, Tabatabai House (a prime example of traditional Iranian houses in the 19th century) and Agha-Bozorg Mosque (a 19th century mosque and theological school with a unique architecture). Overnight stay in Kashan.
tabatabaei house
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Day 4

Kashan- Ardestan - Naein- Yazd (430km)

On the fourth day of our tour, we go to Yazd via Ardestan and Naein. In our stops on the way, we visit the Jame mosques of Ardestan and Naein which are fine examples of the early Islamic mosques in Iran. Overnight stay in Yazd.
naein jameh mosque
Day 5


Today in Yazd, the largest adobe city in the world (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), we visit: the Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd (the most important fire temple in Iran), the Towers of Silence (the old graveyard of Zoroastrian), the Dowlat Abad Garden (an 18th century garden with one of the largest wind-catchers in the world) and , finally, the Amirchakhmaq square (a splendid 15th century square with mosque, bazaar and water-cistern). Overnight stay in Yazd.
tower of silence
DSC 0069 1
Jameh Mosque of Yazd
Amir Chakhmaq
Fahadan Yazd
Day 6

Yazd- Kerman (360km)

On the sixth day of our tour, we drive to Kerman. In Kerman, we visit: the Moayedi Ice House (a Safavid water and ice reservoir) and the Jabaliyeh Dome (a 16th century stone monument which has now turned into a museum of historical inscriptions). Overnight stay in Kerman.
DSC 0854
zeynodin jpg
Day 7

Kerman- Mahan - Shahdad (100 km)

Today we would have an excursion to Mahan, where you will find a green paradise in an arid desert: the Shazdeh Garden. In Mahan, we also visit the Mausoleum of Shah-Nematolah Vali (a famous Iranian mystic and poet). Then, we continue to the Shahdad Desert to visit the world famous "kaluts" and a night speckled with winking stars. Overnight stay in Shahdad.
shahnematolah vali e1667120518550
kaluts shahdad
Day 8

Shahdad-Kerman (100 km)

Today, we spend some time driving back to Kerman, then we will visit the 17th century Ganj-Ali khan Complex (including Ganjali Khan Saure, Ganjali Khan Bathhouse and Ganjali Khan Caravanserai) and the Jame Mosque of kerman. Overnight stay in Kerman.
IRAN 20071001 004
ganjalikhan bath
vakil bath kerman
Day 9

Kerman- Neyriz- Sarvestan- Shiraz (560 km)

On the 9th day, we drive to Shiraz. on the way, we stop and visit the Jame Mosque of Neyriz and it’s magnificent Mihrab. Then, we continue to Sarvestan and visit the ruins of a Sassanid palace, known as "Khakh-e Sassani". Overnight stay in Shiraz.
sasan palace
Day 10


In Shiraz, we visit: Nasir-al Molk Mosque (also known as the Pink Mosque, famous for its sash windows and the colorful play of light in one of its rooms), Narenjestan Qavam (a magnificent Qajarid house and garden), Khan Madrasa (a 16th century theological school), Eram Garden (a grand garden with a long history, now the botanical garden and museum of Shiraz University) and the Tomb of Hafez (the 14th century legendary poet of Iran, famous for his mystical and critical poems). Overnight stay in Shiraz.
IMG 1975 1200x800 1
Shiraz 24
Madrasa Khan1 min
Ali Ibn Hamzeh
Day 11

Shiraz- Persepolis- Naqsh-e Rustam- Shiraz (160 km)

On the 11th day, we drive to Marvdasht to visit Persepolis (the ceremonial capital of the Achamenid Empire) and Necropolis (or Naqsh-e Rustam, house to the rock tombs of the Achaemenid emperors and a number of Sassanid stone-reliefs). Overnight stay in Shiraz.
22 1
image1 1
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Day 12

Shiraz- Pasargadae- Isfahan (500km)

On this day, we say goodbye to Shiraz and drive to Isfahan. On the way, we stop at Pasargadae to visit the Tomb of Cyrus and the remains of his palaces in the first capital of the Achaemenids). Overnight stay in Isfahan.
Day 13,14


In Isfahan, we visit Naqsh-e Jahan square (a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the second largest square in the world) and the monuments surrounding it: Jame Abbasi Mosque, Sheikh Lotfolah Mosque, Qeysarieh Bazaar and Ali Qapou Palace. We will also visit the Chehel Sotoun Palace (a 17th century Safavid garden and a magnificent reception hall) , the grand Atiq Jame Mosque (a mosque with a long history and considered as the museum of Persian architecture), the Armenian Vank Cathedral and Jolfa neighborhood, and, finally, the world-renown bridges Si-o-Se Pol and Khajou. Overnight stay in Isfahan.
naghshe jahan square
ali qapu palace
Sheikh Lotfollah
klisa vanak esfehan5
و سه پل
Khaju bridge
Day 15

Isfahan- Abyaneh- IKA Airport (440 km)

On the last day of our tour, we depart Isfahan for the IKA Airport. Along the way, we visit Abyaneh (a village targeted by UNESCO due to its special architecture and red color). In Kashan, we visit the 19th century Tabatabaei House, a prime example of traditional Iranian houses.
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