Yazd: The Largest Adobe City in the World

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Yazd City Tour

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the middle of a vast desert; the sun is scorching, there is no water and once in a while your swept away by a harsh sand storm. What do you think of living in such an environment? Surviving under these circumstances would be really tough, no? And, for sure, not many people are determined enough to fight such obstacles offered them by life.

However, the people of Yazd have proved that nothing can stop a determined will. During long long years, actually the city of Yazd dates back to the Sassanid period, they have lived in a city located in the middle of the Central Desert of Iran and have used all their talent and aptitude to tackle the cruelties of life in the best way possible. The high walls of the adobe complex preserved at the heart of city, due to which Yazd is known as the largest adobe city in the world and was recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 2017, is a living witness to the efforts of the magnanimous people of Yazd.

The outstanding houses they have built are not only well-decorated, but are well-ventilated, by means of very unique architectural structures called “Badgir” or windcatcher. As a matter of fact, Badgirs have so wildly been used in the city which it has become known as “Shahr-e Badgirha” or “the City of Badgirs”. In addition, they have solved the problem of water by making Qanats, a series of connected wells to bring water to the city and distribute it between its neighborhoods. Thanks to this engineering feat, awesome gardens were also constructed in the city. Furthermore, there are some amazing Ab-Anbars (water cisterns) and Yakh-Chals which you should not miss visiting them.

And, you wouldn’t want to leave the Bazaar of Yazd because of all the beautiful handicrafts and unique types of cloth, such as silk ones and also Termeh.

Finally, at the end of the day, you can go to one of the traditional restaurants of Yazd, order your favorite dish and, for dessert, submerge yourself in the joys of eating Yazd’s time-honored confectionary, such as Baghlava and Pashmak (Persian Cotton Candy). Maybe it is this sweetness that has made people of Yazd tolerant, living with a large community of Iranian Zoroastrians in peace for years.


Tour Overview

Day 1


• Zoroastrian Fire Temple • Towers of Silence • Fahadan Neighborhood • Lunch • Dowlat-Abad Garden • Amir Chakhmaq Square • Museum of Water
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Day 2


drive to kharanegh 80 km of yazd ,visit of old village ans caravansary and continue the road to Chak-Chak , Zoroastrians temple and continue to Meybood a city on 40 km north of Yazd on road of Isfahan , visit of pottery work shops and caravansary and back to Yazd.
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