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Saïdé Yousséfi. Titulaire de Master en didactique de FLE. Depuis 2009 j’enseigne le français à l’université et aux écoles de langues. Traductrice d’un guide touristique “Abarkuh; Abarqouh; trop loin; très proche”.
Je suis intéressée par la culture, l’histoire, la nature et l’art donc depuis 2015 je guide des voyageurs francophones en Iran.
L’Iran est un pays vivant et coloré, à la fois chaleureux et accueillant, aussi un trésor culturel et naturel avec son histoire millénaire et ses climats.
Pour les amoureux de l’histoire et de l’art, des jardins secrets et des hauts lieux de spiritualité, la perse est l’une des plus belles découvertes.
Alors, ne manquez pas ce voyage inoubliable.

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Eight years of experience as a tour operator.

he has built his network over time, and negotiates the best offers, the best prices and the best quality of service for you.

Nasir Asadi

Nasir Asadi

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Nasir Asadi


Being passionate about languages, Nasir began studying English from an early age. However, knowing just one language was not enough to satisfy his enduring passion, so he chose Spanish as his second foreign language. At same time, he spent part of his time studying literature and history. Then, he decided to put his knowledge into action, so what better way than being a tour guide? So, he began showing the wonders of his country who came to visit Iran. Now, he is working as the editor-in-chief at Irandelle Travel Agency, hoping to bring to you all the information you need know about Iran.

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Je m’appelle Iman. il y a 19 ans que je voyage dans mon pays étant intéressé par l’histoire, l’architecture, l’art, des locaux et la nature. Depuis 2011 comme guide culturel et écotourisme, j’ai accompagné les voyageurs francophones.
Toujours bienvenue en Iran pour découvrir ce beau pays, enrichi d’une variété des attractions culturelles et naturelles; avec un peuple profondément chaleureux, gentil et souriant



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My name is Nilufar, a tourist guide in love with my country and traveling, so I will show you our country full of so many wonders of history, architecture and peculiar culture that will be interesting and charming for every travel lover. For many years I have worked as a Spanish speaking guide, I know well the taste and preferences of Spanish speakers; We are waiting for you in Iran!


Hossein Malekian

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Hossein Malékian

Hossein Malékian has been a cultural guide since 2010.
I first accompanied tours through mountains and deserts, a version of tourism turned towards nature.
Since 2014, I have taken the road with travelers to bring them to meet the highest cultural places in Iran. Knowledgeable about historical sites at my fingertips, Quick to talk about my country, yesterday and today, I am the man who makes you discover not only an ancient civilization but also a country and its people.

mehdi rafiei

Mehdi Rafie

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Founder of the agency in 2011
French and German-speaking guide since 2003.

Master’s degree in archaeology at the art school of Isfahan.
Expert tourist  guide since 2003  .

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More than 10 years of experience in tourism, I have guided francophone groups. I co-founded the agency with help of my husband Mehdi and since then I have been working in the office and taking care of the tour organization and reservations.

azadeh khademi


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I am Azadeh, I got my BA in English language Translation and my MA in Ancient Cultures and Languages. It’s been 15 years that I am a guide in French and in English. Eagerly waiting to show the beauties of my country and its rich culture to tourists.

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I am Somayeh tourist guide from isfahan. I have worked as an official guide for years in Italian and English. I did masters in tourism from the University of Bergamo in Italy and finished my studies in Iran in translation and teaching English. I have the honor to introduce Iranian culture and my country to travelers all over the world.