The alley of Ghahro-Ashti in Yazd

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The alley of Ghahro-Ashti in Yazd,

The alley of “sulk and reconciliation”
In the old town of Yazd, there are alleys so narrow that if two passers-by pass each other, they have to stand to the side so that they can pass without jostling each other.
If two people were shunned, their friends would intervene to reconcile them.
On the one hand, his friends take one towards the trap by coming back to the subject and interpolating it on the causes of conflict. Likewise (by the same trick) , just time to cross, one push towards each other to force them to kiss to end the quarrel (of course during the joint walk they try to calm them and justify the action of the other).
It’s not always that easy … the result was sometimes catastrophic, refusing and trying to walk away…


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