Where to find the ice in summer



Where to find the ice in summer

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Where to find the ice in summer?

Ice house  is a conical structure made out of straw and clay which covers a big hemisphere reservoir dug in the ground. we find it usually in iran in desert cities as well as Kerman and Yazd. It was a place for preserving the ice. There are some big shallow ponds and high walls near the ice dump to make the ice on winter nights. Every night water was poured into the pond and at night it turned into ice. The ice was taken into the reservoir and a stash of straw was placed between the layers to isolate it. The reason that they made the structure like a cone is because of preventing the heat from entering the ice dump. After filling up the Ice dump, they keep it close until summer and after that, they brought the ice to the city to sell it; in the ceremonies, they use the ice for making the syrup and cold water for the guests, a real refreshing beverage.

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