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Zayandeh Rud The Throbbing Heart of Isfahan

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Zayandeh Rud, alternatively spelled as Zayande Rud or Zayande(h) Rood, is one of the most important rivers of Iran, irrigating the lands located in the center of Iranian plateau. The river’s origin is in Kuhrang, a part of the Zard Kuh Bakhtiari Mountain range, where it flows east before disappearing in Gavkhuni Marshland. On its meandering way, it travels a distance of about 420 kilometers. At Shurab Village in the Tange Gazi district, several springs and rivers (Dimeh, Abzari, Chamdar, Abkhorbe and Na’leshkanan) join the flowing stream of water, making what is from now on called Zayande Rud or the life-giving River. Soon, another branch streaming from Kuhrang joins Zayande Rud. Furthermore, after Tange Gazi, three other rivers come to contribute to Zayande Rud: Kagunag, Khersanak and Plaskan. After Zayande Rud Dam Lake, no other sources of water contribute to the river.

Over the history, 13 bridges were built on Zayandeh Rud: 1. Evergan Bridge, 2. Zaman Khan Bridge, 3. Kalleh Bridge, 4. Baba Mahmud Bridge, 5. Falavarjan Bridge, 6. Marnan Bridge, 7. Si-o-Se Pol, 8. Juie Bridge, 9. Khaju Bridge, 10. Shahrestan Bridge, 11. Chum Bridge, 12. Soroush Azaran Bridge, and 13. Varzaneh Bridge.


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