Ali-Ebne Hamzeh



Ali-Ebne Hamzeh

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The mausoleum of Ali-Ebne Hamzeh
The mausoleums normally house the graves of the descendants of
Shiite Imams. In Shiism the cult of the dead is very present.
Towards the beginning of the 9th century the nephew of Imam Reza, the 8th Imam was martyred and buried in a modest building.
The presence of the Shiites, being in the minority at the time, was not tolerated and they were pursued and persecuted by the agents of Abassiid caliph.
The building was rebuilt under the Safavids around the 17th century.
The current building is very recent, the courtyard is covered with tombstones. Those who can afford it offer themselves a grave near a saint.
The interior is covered with mirror mosaics which is a kind of decoration normally reserved for mausoleums and holy places.
The entry of non-Muslims into the mausoleum is possible, but the wearing of the veil for women is compulsory. A welcome visit service for foreign visitors is offered free of charge.

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