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Eram Garden

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Eram Botanical Garden
Eram Garden in Shiraz was originally the palatial residence of a chief of the Qashqai tribe, a turkish-speaking nomad from the Fars region. It is now a property of Shiraz university and its botanical research center.
A pavilion decorated with painted tiles with various designs (motifs).
On the pediment of the facade, we find the representation of the king of the 19th century, Naseredin-Shah, on horseback.
The two other scenes refer to legends, that of Joseph, son of Jacob trapped by the temptation of women, and that of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba giving audience to animals, both of which are famous and popular Quranic stories matching the dreamy ambient of the garden. Streams leave from the large pool in front of the pavilion to irrigate the entire garden.
Take the time to stroll in the garden with its exotic plants and admire the famous cypress trees, the most beautiful of Shiraz, a symbol of feminine beauty in Persian poetry.
A morning visit is recommended to get the best light.

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