Vakil Complex



Vakil Complex in Shiraz

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Vakil Complex in Shiraz

After a long struggle for power, Karim Khan Zand settled permanently in Shiraz in the year 1765, founding the Zand dynasty. Interestingly, he declined to assume the title of Shah, calling himself “Vakil al-Ra’āyā” (Deputy of Subjects) or “Vakil al-Khalayegh” (people’s deputy). As Vakil, he used to wear very simple clothes, putting on the tall Zand turban of yellow cashmere and sitting on a cheap, flat-weave rug (zilu) instead of a throne.

With the establishment of his power, Karim khan began building a new series of monuments in shiraz, what is today known as Vakil or Zandiyeh complex. The complex includes the Citadel of Karim Khan, Vakil Bazaar, a mosque and also a bath-house.

The good thing about Vakil Complex is that all these monuments are located closely to each other and you can visit all of them simply by walking. In addition, many other touristic sights are located in the vicinity of this complex and you have easy access to them.

In this article, we are you going to introduce each of these buildings briefly and since these are must-see attractions in Shiraz, we strongly recommend you to read it before visiting these precious monuments

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