Shamsol Emāreh



Shamsol Emāreh

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Based on the available documents, construction of Shamsol Emareh started in 1866 and lasted two years. Designed by Moayer Al-Mamölek and built by Ali Mohammad Kashi, this five-storey high building was meant to stand out against the backdrop of one-storey buildings ot Tehran and was. thus. named Shamsol Emareh, meaning “the sun of all buildings.” Besides its height, Shamsol Emāreh was also the first building in Iran to be constructed with iron girders. Its other notable feature is the clock tower, located in the middle of the upper floor facade. The clock was a gift to Naser al-Din Shah from Queen Victoria of England.

The fifth floor of Shamsol Emāreh was known as Kolah Farangi. From there, using simple binoculars, the king ‘s wives could enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the Alborz Mountains.

According to historical records, on the inaugural day of Shamsol Emareh, a royal commander, general Mirza Hossein Khan, whispered ill-tended words into the ears of Naser al-Din Shah that the royal treasury had to take full responsibility for the construction expenses of the monument. General Doost Ali Khan Moayer al-Mamalek, passing by the very same moment, pledged to the Shah to personally take care of the expenses.

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