The Wind-Tower Building



 The Wind-Tower Building

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            The Wind-Tower Building, built by the order of Fat’h Ali Shah in 1806, is surrounded by the most attractive places in the Golestan Palace. The majestic monument is decorated using a variety of architectural art techniques including mirrors. incrustation, gilding, wood carving, etc. Sash windows installed in this building are characteristic of Iranian architecture.

The most conspicuous element of the building, however, is its four wind-towers trapping the wind and channelling it to Howz-Khaneh in the basement and then funnelling the cooled air back into the interior spaces. This ingenuity would ensure the flow of pleasant air inside the interior spaces. There have also been numerous stories associated with the Wind Tower Building. It is said that once, when Tehran was experiencing one of its hottest summers and Mozafar al-Din Shah was getting for his coronation, a decision was made to hold the coronation in this tower to escape the scorching heat.

Furthermore, Kamal al-Molk resided in this building for a while. During the rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, it was used as the royal library. According to Moayer al-Molk, beautiful birds of different species were kept around the pool in the basement of the building. Presently, Howz Khaneh houses a photo-gallery, whose many photos were taken by Naser al-Din Shah himself.


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