The Royal treasury of Iran

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The Royal treasury of Iran
The Royal treasury, probably an unparalleled collection in the world is currently housed in the basement of the Iran Melli Bank. The accumulation of this treasure dates back to the Safavid era in the 17th century. After the conquest of India by Nader Shah, he brought back a great deal of precious stones including the two largest pink diamond in the world, sea of light and mount of light. The latter later possessed by british army and is now on the crown of the queen.
In the Qajar era, once again, Fath Ali shah took possession of it and the personal interest of the Qajar kings added quite a few new gems to it, which were partly bought and some counted among the diplomatic gifts.
In 1937 a law required that the treasury be transferred to the Melli (national) bank as the financial endowment of national currency.
The treasury has been prepared and opened to the public with very restricted visiting times.
Among the unique jewels, we can name
The crown of the Pahlavi Dynasty of 2080 grams, used by Reza and Mohammadreza Shah in their coronation ceremony. The famous diamond Daraye-Noor (sea of light) of 182 carats in pink color.
The Kiani crown, belonged to Fath Ali shah and other Qajar kings, set with a 120 carat garnet.
The jeweled globe, made in 1869 by the order of Nasserdin-shah was made basically with 3656 grams of gold with 51366 precious stones mounted on it.
The peacock throne (in Persian named Tawouss, beloved of Fath Ali Shah) dating from the beginning of the 19th century.
Note the visiting hours are from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Open Saturday through Tuesday under strict control.

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