White Palace or Nation Palace (Museum Palace)

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The largest and most luxurious palace in this complex is the White Palace or the Palace of the Nation with two floors and a white facade, which was the summer residence of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his queen Farah. The construction of this palace began in 1310 by the order of Reza Shah and this palace was the place of ceremonial ceremonies after Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Farah Diba settled in it. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s office and his and Farah Pahlavi’s rest rooms, as well as their private living room and its reception hall on the second floor, are among the most important rooms of this palace, with crystals and decorative chandeliers, precious carpets and oil paintings by Behzad They have accommodated his disciples. Many of the accessories in the palace reception halls are made from French auctions and antique shops, and the design of these halls is in the French style.

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