Persian literature

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Persian literature

Persian literature with over three millenniums of  history, Iran has one the most prosperous and diverse literature traditions in the world.

Although very few works survived from pre-Islamic periods but even those works are proving to be fantastic masterpieces

Following the conquest of Arab Muslims, many fine arts such as dancing, painting and sculpting were banned and therefore our artist migrated to the literature land. So, our painter drew the beautiful face and body of his/her beloved with color of passion in romantic poems or our sculptor took the chisel of love and the stone of fascination to bring the beloved body in the heart. To enter this world of eternal blessing, of course, one need to know Persian language and to many it is frustrating to learn it. But now, by the collaboration of some the best crew in the country, we have made it possible for you to enter this world, see its monument, learn about the concepts and enjoy the brilliant ideas deep inside it, in your own text .

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