Saad Abad Palace

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Saadabad Palace or in other words Saadabad Palace collection is a collection of palaces and royal buildings in an area of ​​110 hectares at the foot of Tochal Mountain located in the north of Tehran.These buildings were originally inhabited by court officials during the Qajar period in a much smaller area, but Reza Shah took possession of it after the coup of 1920 and during its reign greatly expanded it and increased the number of palaces, then Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s family settled there after his coronation in the 1970s. This huge and extraordinary complex has 8 gates, 12 aqueducts and 20 palaces.

The gates of Saadabad Palace

The gates of Saadabad Palace include:

1) Nezamieh Gate

2) Zafaranieh Gate

3) Darband street gate

4) Darband Square door

5) Jafarabad Gate (First)

6) Jafarabad Gate (Second)

7) River gate

8) White House Gate

Out of these 8 gates, currently only the gates of Darband and Zafaranieh are open to the public.

Saadabad Palace Complex

Most of the palaces of this magnificent complex, which were the residence of the court and the royal family during the Qajar and Pahlavi eras, have now been converted into spectacular and luxurious museums and have become places to explore history and culture; They are in the possession of the presidential institution or office building. These palaces and their use today include:

1) White Palace or Nation Palace (Museum Palace)

2) Black House (Museum of Fine Arts)

3) Farah Pahlavi Palace (Negarestan Museum)

4) Shahram Palace (Military Museum)

5) Queen Esmat Dolatshahi Palace (Farshchian Museum)

6) Leila Pahlavi Palace (Miniature Museum of Master Abkar)

7) Pahlavi Shams Palace (Museum of Anthropology and Royal Clothing)

8) Ashraf Pahlavi Palace (Royal Tableware Museum)

9) Farahnaz and Alireza Palace (Mir Emad Calligraphy Museum)

10) Queen Turan Amir Soleimani Palace (Museum of Eternal Figures)

11) Ahmad Reza Pahlavi Palace (Library)

12) Karbas Palace or Crown Prince Palace (Behzad Master Museum)

13) Green Palace or Shahvand Palace (Museum Palace)

14) Gholamreza Pahlavi Palace (Museum of Court Weapons)

15) Queen Mother Palace known as the Republic Building (accommodation of special guests of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran)

16) Private palace (at the disposal of the Presidential Institution of Iran)

17) New Crown Palace (at the disposal of the Presidential Institution of Iran)

18) Bahman Palace (Museum Management Office)

19) Abdolreza Pahlavi Palace (Saadabad complex office building)

20) Ahmad Shah Palace

The other three museums in the complex include the Omidvar Brothers Museum at the Qajri Carriage House, the Water Museum at the Office of the Chief of Staff, and the Museum of Art at the White House Greenhouse.

Since it is not possible or necessary to explain all these palaces and museums, we will explain some of the most important palaces and museums of Saadabad Palace historical and cultural complex.

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